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Hello! My name is Keven Newsome and I am a Creativity Coach/Consultant. I am a published author, professional musician and worship pastor, amateur videographer, content creator, theologian, and wanna-be gamer. My passion is story-telling–creating stories, enjoying stories, and helping others tell their story.

I want to help you create and live YOUR story. Whether your story is best told through writing, music, video, or the preaching of the Word, I can help you tell your story in the best, most creative way possible.

Hi! I'm Keven!

I'm a multi-passionate creative with a wide range of skillsets.

I believe that Christians have the right to be the most creative people on the planet, given to us by the most creative mind in existence. Unfortunately, most Christian art falls far short of excellence compared to secular creatives.¬†It’s my goal and mission to help Christians reclaim leadership in the creative arts.

I’m a classically trained musician and composer with a BM degree in Music Education. I’m a worship leader and theologian with an MA degree in Theology and halfway through a DMin in 21st Century Ministry. I currently serve at Malvern Hill Baptist Church in South Carolina.

I’m a published fiction author of four novels, multiple short stories, and award-winning fanfiction on Wattpad. To find out more about my writing career visit¬†

I also dabble in graphic design, web design, and video production. Let me take my skills, training, and education in creative excellence and help you become the best creative you can be.

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