Extensions of Newsome Creative

These extensions represent the auxiliary efforts of Keven Newsome and Newsome Creative.

Keven Newsome, Author

Keven Newsome began his writing career at the young age of ten by creating fanfiction of his favorite video game. He only wrote four pages, though, painstakingly in King James English since that’s how they spoke in the game. It was horrible and he promptly abandoned his writing career forever. Thankfully, some years later, fourteen-year-old Keven disagreed with that hasty decision and discovered writing could actually be fun. Since then he has authored five novels, published four of those, and written and published several short stories. He has also recently returned to his favorite video game and become an award-winning fanfiction author on Wattpad. The four books of his Winter series, Winter, Prophetess, Acolyte, and Mantle, together have been finalists for seven awards and winners of three of those. He lives in South Carolina with his wife, son, daughter, dog, and the collective cries of his fans to finish writing his next book already.


The Neon Fish Podcast

Hosted by Keven Newsome, this podcast focuses on telling the stories of new and upcoming musicians and authors. Join in as these talented creatives share their stories of faith and how creativity affected their lives.

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Press Epic

Press Epic is the production label of Newsome Creative. Through Press Epic, Keven publishes books, produces short videos, and produces music.

Press Epic is not accepting submissions.

Currently on the Press Epic label: