**raises hand** Ooo…me! Pick me!

I try to live my life by the principle of always doing exactly what God wants me to do. This has led to a pretty drastic life change recently, of which I’ll blog about in the coming weeks.

But if I were to pick anything in the world to satisfy all the geeky ambitions and pipe-dreams floating around in the back of my brain, it would be the very news I received over the weekend.

buddyelfsantaThe rumors are everywhere. I’m not sure if it’s been directly confirmed from Netflix or not, but it’s being widely reported that Netflix is developing an original series based on The Legend of Zelda. And if you know anything about me and the geekdoms I’m a member of, you know that I probably squeeeed like a little girl.

It’s been reported that the series was pitched as a “Game of Thrones for families.” I think that’s very fitting. And since I’ve been mildly intrigued by the concept of Game of Thrones, being a fantasy nut and everything, the fact that both the books and television series are little more than soft-core porn has deterred me from even attempting to check it out.

But Zelda. Wow…Zelda. I could, and will, totally get on board with this.

Yet that’s not the most exciting thing…that’s not why I’m writing this post. One particular article I read from www.geeksofdoom.com, stated that:

The series is reportedly in the early stages of development at Netflix, who’s working closely with Nintendo and looking for writers…


Looking for writers????

I’M A WRITER!!!!! I’m a Zelda addict! Where do I sign up? Can anyone tell me what talent agency, what studio, what production company, anything, anyone, I can email, send a resume to, sell my first born child (not really, but I might sell a kidney), so that I can be a writer for this??

No seriously. I’m asking. Do you know who I can contact? There would be nothing better to fulfill those “happy dreams” we all keep hidden away, that we wish we could one day accomplish but know it will never happen, for me than this.

I will always put serving God first above everything else. And I know that if God doesn’t want this, that’s fine…if this interferes with the work he’s called me to do, okay. His work is so much more important.

But wow. If I could write for this show from home, or office, without having to relocate…and be able to do both what God has called me to do and something that feeds my geek side? Let’s do it. I’m in.

So this blog is in part a public way to get the word out that here is a writer that loves Zelda and is family minded. And if anyone knows how my name can get to these producers, please tell me. #zeldafan #loz #netflix #imawriter #pickme (Do hashtags help in blogs?)

And if anyone from Netflix or Nintendo is reading this, in the immortal words of Doc Holliday from the movie Tombstone….I’m your huckleberry.



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